Game drivesGame drives safari in Serengeti National Park

Morning Game drives
If you start the game drives safari in Serengeti National Park the first thing in the morning, you will find the Serengeti at its most active. This is when Africa can reveal its cool side, so you should wrap up warm (we aim to be on the road before the sun rises at around 6.00 am).

Our guides will bring you as close as possible to the wildlife, just when the action is likely to be most exciting. Few predators hunt during the heat of the day, so the early morning is the best time to observe the thrill of the chase. It is also a magical time, with the subtle light dappling the landscape, the birds awakening and the sense of a great adventure beginning to unfurl. And just when your stomach starts to complain, we’ll give you a late breakfast in the bush, before further viewing leads you back at about 11.00 am, in good time for lunch and leisure at the camp.

Evening Game Drives
Heading into the bush for an evening game drive has a level of excitement and character all its own, as predators begin their nightly search for prey. As the day cools and the sky is streaked by red, gold and orange hues, you may be surprised by the roar of a lion, a galloping giraffe, or the high pitched giggling of hyenas fighting over a kill. At a suitable vantage point, your guide will pause, allowing you to enjoy a sundowner in blissful comfort.

Full Day Game drives
These full day safaris are the best way to see the full range of what this magnificent park has to offer. Each excursion departs at around 6.30 am and returns back to camp by evening 5.30pm, with your private 4×4 fully equipped to cross the Serengeti in search of game.

The early mornings are relatively cool, but by midday it can become very hot indeed and sun-block lotion and hats are advised. Lunch is served between the game drives at the heart of Serengeti overlooking the plains and big game.

Last but not least its rewarding to watch the wildlife grazing around the plains of the camp, drinking water, or taking bath along the main swap which is infront of our lounge